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The Raven & The Writing Desk

Alice is a young cheshire cat who suffers from delusions. One day, while hallucinating, she falls off of the roof of her house and dies. Now she's stuck in the afterlife, which is a bit like a fairytale that doesn't make any sense. Lindsey is a cartoonist living in a messy basement apartment, hoping his new web comic, a strange adaptation of Alice In Wonderland, will go over better then his past comics. As he slowly starts to lose his mind he finds that he may have to help Alice through the afterlife in a way he didn't expect.


The Raven & The Writing Desk launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of The Raven & The Writing Desk! Comics coming soon!

posted by shadow_foxx_iv @ May 4th, 2011, 9:57 pm  -  0 comments

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